Plains Indian Ledger Art: Black Road - Wilkins Ledger - A Woman's Honoring ceremony

Black Road - Wilkins Ledger

No. 71 of 91
A Woman's Honoring ceremony
Black Road
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Page No. --
Media: pencil and colored pencil
Dimensions: 6.5 x 7.25 inches inches


Lakota (Sioux), Lakota (Sioux) - Oglala


Private Collection


Provenance provided by 3rd generation descendants of Charles A. Wilkins on a typed note taped to the inside front cover:

"The attached book is a bo ...More


horse, tipi, tipi art, animals, antelope, dress, shield art, buffalo, hunting, courting, colored pencil, vision, turkey, turtle, lakota, ceremony, buffalo dreamer, birds, biographic, bear, beaver, elk society, eagle fan, rifle, animal dreamer, sacred bow society

Ethnographic Notes

The woman at right is the same as in Plate 84, wearing the same dress, leggings and tack belt. This is Black Road's wife. She holds a serrated quirt of the Kit Fox Warrior Society, with the skin of a red fox kit as a pendant. Compare Plate 63. This indicates that Black Road was an officer of that organization, as well being leader of his own, elite society of the Sacred Bow Warriors.

The only two-page spread in the ledger, necessary because there was too much activity to be confined to a single page.


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