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Plains Indian Ledger Art: Mad Bull Ledger  Mad Bull Ledger Most recent addition - the Mad Bull Ledger on PILA !

The Mad Bull Ledger is now available on the PILA. This important addition to the Plains Indian Ledger digital art collection features fifteen ledger drawings by Southern Arapaho Artist Mad Bull (1883-1884), including battle scenes, soldiers, ceremonial scenes, and other aspects of warrior societies.


Welcome! This site is dedicated to the celebration of Plains Indian "Ledger" art for research and enjoyment. Please explore the site freely and set up a free account to our personal research station tool. PILA 2.0 has wealth of new features, including user's galleries for image uploads, a slideshow mode, and user comments and threaded discussions.

¡Bienvenidos! Este sitio es un homenaje al arte de los "libros de contabilidad", para investigación y simplemente para entretenimiento. Explore libremente el sitio y abra una cuenta personal gratuita en nuestra estación de investigación con la herramienta PILA 2.0. Dicha herramienta cuenta con muchas novedades, incluyendo las galerías para usuarios en que se pueden cargar imágenes, una presentación de diapositivas, comentarios y discusiones hiladas.

September 2013: We�re proud to announce the presentation of many new Plains Indian ledger books to the site: the Spotted Hawk Ledger (Sch�yen Collection), the Rodolphe Petter Cheyenne Ledger, the Bullman Ledger (Sch�yen Collection), and many more to come. We are also please to announce our recent exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Art: Alternative Accounts!


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