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Black Horse Ledger

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back cover
Black Horse
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Page No. back cover
Media: pencil (graphite), colored pencil
Dimensions: 8 x 13 1/2 (33.5 x 19.5 cm) inches


Cheyenne - Northern


Plains Ledger Art Digital Publishing Project (PILA), Mandeville Special Collections, UCSD Libraries, UC San Diego, La Jolla, CA


Drawings principally by Black Horse, c. 1879-1885, depicting Northern Cheyenne events beginning around 1865. Likely acquired through the post trader ...More

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Crow, Pawnee, dress, fighting scene, shield art, battle, biographic, horse, horse stealing, tipi, camp, war, war pony, Northern Cheyenne, colored pencil, war shield, crooked lance society, women, children, scout, soldiers, rifle, name glyph, Black Horse, war shirt, counting coup, quirt, village, saber, bow, arrow, headdress, travois, steamboat