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Running Buffalo on Horseback | Meeting of Kiowa and Osage Chiefs

Ethnographic Notes

Page 18: Running Buffalo on Horseback. In the foreground, three wounded buffalo lag behind the herd. One of these cows, with an arrow into her lungs and consequently coughing blood, has turned to charge her killer, as his well-trained buffalo runner dances away.

Page 19: Meeting of Kiowa and Osage Chiefs. This distinguished Kiowa War Chief at the left is the same man shown on page 17 as leader of a war party. He wears the same yellow-painted leather leggings with beaded strips in a design of bear tracks on both occasions that Etahdleuh shows himself wearing on page 10. He is most likely the artist's own father, probably Wolf Lying Down. Here, he rides an overo pinto charger, the white patches of its coat accented with yellow paint, and large, brown spots. The horse's tail is wrapped with red wool cloth and accented with an eagle feather, a preparation for battle. Although armed with a shield and war lance, apparently this encounter was an unexpected surprise, as in the accidental meeting on pages 7-8, for the Kiowa has swept the spectacular eagle feather headdress from his head, signaling to the approaching rider that his intentions are peaceful.

The man at the right, an Osage war chief, has understood the gesture, and reaches out his right hand to grasp the left hand of his Kiowa ally. It is even possible that this is a second, accidental encounter of the same, two leaders shown on Plate 7. Again, the Osage leader is wearing a Peace Medal. The Kiowa, instead, wears a red sash diagonally across his chest, probably an insignia of the Ka'itsenko Warrior Society (see the discussion with Plate 20). The Osage rides a brown overo pinto, its tail also bound. He is armed with a pipe-tomahawk; also has beaded leggings, and wears a red wool war shirt probably decorated with strips of intricate silk ribbonwork, and the sleeves trimmed with locks of black human hair, alternating with panels of yellow-dyed horse mane. Although wearing a roach-style headdress with one eagle feather accent, he is also trailing an unfolded headdress of eagle feathers, which he might have donned, had the encounter not proved fortuitous.

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• Purchased from Etahdleuh Doanmoe by Sophia Negley of Pittsburgh, PA in August 1875 at Fort Marion, St. Au...

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