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Battle with the Sauk and Fox, 1854

Ethnographic Notes

Page s 20-21: Battle with the Sauk & Fox, 1854. This famous encounter occurred about two years before Etahdleuh was born, so it is clear he was illustrating the Kiowa experience as it had been related to him by others who were there, probably including his own father. In this two-Plate composition, the small Sac & Fox hunting party is depicted exclusively on Plate 20, with the exception of the rider on the wounded white horse at upper right, who is in the vanguard of the attacking Kiowa. All of the figures on page 21 are members of the attacking force, primarily Kiowa. As the historical accounts reported, they are being repelled and wounded at long range by a fusillade of bullets.

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• Purchased from Etahdleuh Doanmoe by Sophia Negley of Pittsburgh, PA in August 1875 at Fort Marion, St. Au...

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Plate No: 14
Page No: 20-21
Media: pencil, colored pencil
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11.25 inches
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