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COURTING: Man and Woman Stand before a Tipi with Turtle Design and Power Lines

Ethnographic Notes

COURTING: Man and Woman Stand before a Tipi with Turtle Design. This couple is dressed similarly to the couple in Plate 12. A similar turtle design appears in the Northern Cheyenne-KSHS Ledger (page 77). The tipi, to the right, is mostly red with blue smokehole area. Five poles converge at the open hole. The turtle fills most of the red area. It is blue with four splayed legs. The ridged back resembles a snapping turtle, as well as triangular designs. The ridges run into the tail, which points toward the couple. The head has two jagged lines rising�lightning or energy lines. Lines reach from each hind leg to the bottom of the tipi, into the blue border. The man wears a dark blanket. His dark hair is pulled straight back and a long German silver hairplate ornament reaches from his scalplock to the bottom edge of his blanket. One immature golden eagle feather is attached between the fourth and fifth plates. His red facepaint covers the vertical edge of his hairline. He wears a hairpipe breastplate, which shows just above his blanket. Below his blanket red breechclout flaps show, as well as dark leggings with vertical white stripes formed from the seam of undyed selvedge edges. The woman has red facepaint in the same pattern. One long braid shows over her shoulder. She wears a Navajo chief�s blanket, third phase. She is behind the man and appears to be within his blanket, as little else of the woman is depicted.

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Provenance: Drawn in 1879 by Northern Cheyenne leader Wild Hog (incorrectly denoted as "Hagetta" in the text) ...

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Document Info
Plate No: 27
Page No: 31
Media: Lead pencil outlines, details, fill; blue and red crayon
Dimensions: 13x9 cm, single column
The Sch�yen Collection. London and Oslo.
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