Wild Hog Ledger-Schøyen Provenance

COURTING: Man in Red Blanket Holds Woman in Red-Dotted Blanket

Provenance: Drawn in 1879 by Northern Cheyenne leader Wild Hog (incorrectly denoted as "Hagetta" in the text) in Dodge City Jail, Dodge City, Kansas; purchased by L.M. Wyatt from Hagetta in April 1879, Dodge City, Kansas; Bruce Ferrini, Akron, Ohio; Schøyen Collection, London and Oslo. This is one of four extant ledger notebooks made by one or more survivors of the Fort Robinson break-out while awaiting trial in Dodge City (1879). The others are the Northern Cheyenne Ledger-Kansas State Historical Society; Wild Hog-Kansas State Historical Society; and Porcupine-Schøyen. All of these are posted on the PILA site.

Wild Hog
Document Info
Media: Pencil, water color, and crayon
Dimensions: 13x9 cm, single column
Total Plates: 80
The Schøyen Collection. London and Oslo.
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