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"Brave Heart" Run - Bozeman Trail

Ethnographic Notes

This depicts a "brave-heart" run along an entrenched, enemy position on the edge of a well-traveled road, almost certainly the Bozeman Trail (upper right). The large number of rifles denotes that the enemy force are Whitemen, probably soldiers. The purpose of the run was to empty the enemy's single-shot Springfield carbines, so that other Lakota might safely countercharge. Bay mare with white stockings; Horse paint: yellow circles on shoulders, hips & jaws, with stripe along spine; personal war lance with 2 tabs of 3 tiers of feathers.

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Various owners (dispersed); Morning Star Gallery, Santa Fe, NM; Sotheby's sale (1987), New York, "Drawings by...

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Document Info
Plate No: 4
Page No: 6
Media: lead pencil, crayon, and ink
Dimensions: 9 1/2 inches by 7 1/2 inches
Various owners
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