Plains Indian Ledger Art: Coe-Cheyenne Ledger - Soldier standing | Couple with rushes and tipi at back

Coe-Cheyenne Ledger

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Soldier standing | Couple with rushes and tipi at back
Southern Cheyenne, Darlington Agency, Indian Territory, circa 1885 -86
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Page No. 6-7
Media: Pencil and colored pencil
Dimensions: Small commercial notebook: 8.25 x 4.825 inches - cover, 5.625 x 4.75 inches - pages inches


Cheyenne, Cheyenne - Southern


Ralph T. Coe Foundation, Santa Fe, New Mexico


Ralph T. Coe Foundation, Coe-Cheyenne Ledger (NA 1154); Brant Mackley Gallery, Hummelstown, PA; Southern Cheyenne, Darlington Agency, Indian Territory ...More


arrows, courting, dress, soldiers, horse, tipi, women, Southern Cheyenne, eagle

Ethnographic Notes

Left Side: Another portrait of a U.S. Cavalry lieutenant, likely also intended as Sedgewick Rice, commander of the Indian Scout detachment at Fort Reno.

Right Side: This drawing probably represents a revisit to the young lady shown on Page 3. The same seat of grass or willow branches seen there appears at far right. This time, however, the couple has strolled farther on, behind the rank willow thicket, to enjoy a few moments of privacy.


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