Plains Indian Ledger Art: Coe-Cheyenne Ledger - Soldier standing | Couple with rushes and tipi at back

Coe-Cheyenne Ledger

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Soldier standing | Couple with rushes and tipi at back
Southern Cheyenne, Darlington Agency, Indian Territory, circa 1885 -86
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Page No. 6-7
Media: Pencil and colored pencil
Dimensions: Small commercial notebook: 8.25 x 4.825 inches - cover, 5.625 x 4.75 inches - pages inches


Cheyenne - Southern


Ralph T. Coe Foundation, Santa Fe, New Mexico


Ralph T. Coe Foundation, Coe-Cheyenne Ledger (NA 1154); Brant Mackley Gallery, Hummelstown, PA; Southern Cheyenne, Darlington Agency, Indian Territory ...More


arrows, courting, dress, soldiers, horse, tipi, women, Southern Cheyenne, eagle

Ethnographic Notes

The artist has changed his underwear, and now sports a breech cloth with red and dark blue halves. Some elaborate planning is suggested by the overhead map of footprints. The elipse at the right may represent a pond or small lake, with dead trees standing in the water. This Cheyenne group is visiting one of
the traders licensed on the reservation, possibly Neal Evans, who is known to have supplied
ledgers used by several of the Fort Reno Scouts (Bates, 2000: 26). The artist has been
hanging out at the trader's log store, until the time arranged for this assignation. A line of
dotted footprints extends from the store to the young man's left foot. The girl's footprints
originate at one of the tipis, and proceed to a wooded locale, where the couple has met.
Probably she is officially---as far as her family is aware---cutting firewood. We may infer
that her family is less prominent than that of the girl in the preceding drawing, or she
would automatically have an assigned chaperone, her mother or an aunt.


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