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HUNTING: Man shooting bird with a gun

Ethnographic Notes

Vertical Plate 18 HUNTING SCENE: A Man on Foot Shoots an Eagle The birds resemble the golden eagles of Plate 14 (see discussion). These birds were especially prized for their white feathers with dark tips, used in headdresses. Benson Lanford illustrates the range of eagle tail feathers (2003: 153, fig. 8), and the immature "first-year full plumage" tail feathers have the same coloration as this image. The man's figure is elongated and curves like other drawings of some men in the ledger (See Plate 13, 17, 19). The man's head is prominent with dark-shaded hair. Heavy outlines indicate the arms; the belt and breach clout flaps; and two legs. He does not appear to wear pants. A rectangular bag, made of red trade cloth with undyed selvedge creating a stripe along the bottom, is the only other accessory. The long rifle is crossed by one line, like Plate 16�either indication of cover or brace for the gun (Cowdrey, 1999: 158). Smoke from discharge is visible at the tip of the gun. The trajectory of the bullet is clear as the wound bleeds and the bullet exits the bird's neck. The bird has hooked beak and a large body outlined and filled with dark shading of lead pencil. The wings, tail, legs, and talons are detailed. The distinctive tail feathers are white with dark tops.

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Provenance: Drawn in 1879 by Northern Cheyenne leader Wild Hog (incorrectly denoted as "Hagetta" in the text) ...

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Document Info
Plate No: 18
Page No: 18
Media: Lead pencil outlines, details, fill; red crayon
Dimensions: 13x9 cm, single column
The Sch�yen Collection. London and Oslo.
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