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Warrior Pursued by Mexican Soldiers

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    Mike Blake
    5/2/14, 9:19 AM

    The Mexican soldiers are interesting! They appear to be wearing striped serapes over their uniforms - which seem to be red coats and blue trousers with a yellow seam stripe. This is not a Mexican uniform I recognize except for a much earlier period (1830s-40s)? The headgear seems to be a short shako or kepi with a front plume in 'unusual' colours?

  2. Generic Avatar
    Eric Mroczkowski
    8/19/18, 9:42 AM

    After 1864 Maximillian's contra Guerilleros led by French Colonel Charles Dupin were wearing red jackets and red sashes. Dupin commanded his Mexican troops untill sometime in1867. I don't know if he only fought Juaristas or also had skirmishes with Kiowa. Since Dupin mostly operated in northern Mexico, it is not impossible. The Uniform as it has been discribed is not necessarily a complete match to what we see on the drawing but may be worth concideration / looking into.

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Collected by Bishop Henry Whipple, Espicopal leader in Minnesota. The sketchbook of drawings was given to Bis...

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Document Info
Plate No: 28
Page No: 12 verso
Media: pencil and colored pencil
Dimensions: 8 13/16 x 11.25 inches
Rice County Historical Society, Faribault, MN
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