Plains Indian Ledger Art: Coe-Cheyenne Ledger - Horse tied down | Soldier meeting White woman with Cheyenne couple; sketch

Coe-Cheyenne Ledger

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Horse tied down | Soldier meeting White woman with Cheyenne couple; sketch
Southern Cheyenne, Darlington Agency, Indian Territory, circa 1885 -86
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Page No. 2-3
Media: Pencil and colored pencil
Dimensions: Small commercial notebook: 8.25 x 4.825 inches - cover, 5.625 x 4.75 inches - pages inches


Cheyenne, Cheyenne - Southern


Ralph T. Coe Foundation, Santa Fe, New Mexico


Ralph T. Coe Foundation, Coe-Cheyenne Ledger (NA 1154); Brant Mackley Gallery, Hummelstown, PA; Southern Cheyenne, Darlington Agency, Indian Territory ...More


arrows, courting, dress, soldiers, horse, tipi, women, Southern Cheyenne, eagle, animals

Ethnographic Notes

Left side: This is a Cheyenne's horse, tied to a low bush by the lariat around its neck.
Right side: Since the adolescent artist's main preoccupation appears to have been accruing as many
trysts as possible, he seems to have had a connoisseur's interest in White courting customs.
Here, an infantry lieutenant is "pressing his suit" with a young White lady wearing a straw
hat decorated with silk ribbons. Two Cheyenne men, each with a muslin sheet worn over
his head, have turned discreetly away from the couple. Across the Parade Ground,
however, our young reporter sketches industriously away.


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