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COURTING: Two Couple Walk Together; One Woman Wearsh Navajo Chief's Blanket (1st Phase with Red)

Ethnographic Notes

Vertical COURTING: Two Couple Walk Together (This image is reversed from the original image. Ramon Powers writes: "Two couples appear to be walking to the left.") The Woman to the far right of this image wears a first-phase Navajo Chief's blanket with red stripes as well as black and white. Her wrapped braid falls stiffly down her front shoulder. Her legs are uncolored, and she has four stripes around her lead ankle and three around the other ankle. The man wears a dark (pencil-filled) �skunk� courting blanket (see Plate 9 for discussion). The man wears matching leggings of stroud cloth, and his red breechclout shows behind him and below the blanket. The long breechclout is a marker of Cheyenne men. The woman of the second couple wears an orange-and-white striped blanket. Her hair is wrapped and hangs forward over her shoulder. She is mostly obscured by the man be her side, but her red leggings show. The last figure, the man in orange blanket, has wrapped braid with two streamers dangling. His orange �skunk� (see plate 9 for discussion) courting blanket covers him completely, except for dark vertically striped leggings. His dark breechclout shows below the blanket.

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Provenance: Drawn in 1879 by Northern Cheyenne leader Wild Hog (incorrectly denoted as "Hagetta" in the text) ...

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Document Info
Plate No: 68
Page No: 72
Media: Lead pencil outlines, detail, fill; orange and black crayon
Dimensions: 13x9 cm, single column
The Sch�yen Collection. London and Oslo.
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