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COURTING: Man in "Skunk" Blanket between Woman inSecond-Phase Chief's Blanket and Woman in Blue; Blank Page

Ethnographic Notes

Right (page 22): Blank Left: The man and two women stand centered on the page. Both women have angular red paint at the hairline edges of their faces, similar to facial designs worn by Cheyenne women, illustrated by Cowdrey (1999: 236-7; Plate B, figure b). The woman in a solid blue blanket wears red leggings. Under her blanket show two white-edged trade cloth flaps from inset dress panels. She has four bands or "trails" around her ankles. The woman in the Navajo chief's blanket , second phase, wears blue leggings; white-edged strouding cloth of her dress panel inserts shows from under her blanket, and she has no bands on her ankles. The man wears a "skunk" blanket (Cowdrey 1999: 75), a courting blanket made of two pieces of white-selvedge trade cloth sewn together. This produced a double-width wrap, with a broad white stripe down the center (Cowdrey). This white stripe runs down his back. (See Arrow's Elk Society Ledger on PILA for examples). His matching leggings and breech clout are made of the same fabric and have white-stripe edging also. The man's feet are hoof-like, and he has no other ornament. Media: They are outlined in pencil with blue crayon and red water color.

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The cover inscription reads: "Pictures drawn by Wild Hog and other northern Cheyenne Indian Chiefs while in th...

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Plate No: 13
Page No: 22-23
Media: Colored pencil; pen and ink
Dimensions: 3.25 x 5 in (8.5 x 12.75 cm)
Kansas Historical Society/kansasmemory.org
Wild Hog
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