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COURTING: Man in Red "Skunk" Blanket between Two Woman (Blue and 2nd Phase Chief's Blanket); Blank Page

Ethnographic Notes

Right (page 25): Blank Left: COURTING. The three figures are centered on the page. A man in a red blanket with white selvedge, center, with a woman in a blue blanket to the left and a woman in a blanket of red, blue, and white, probably 2nd phase Navajo chief's blanket, stands at the right. None wears face paint. The woman on right wears a necklace with three strands (penciled), and she has blue leggings and blue-colored feet, one of the few instances of coloring on any figure�s feet in this and related 1879 Dodge City ledgers. The man wears a red robe with a vertical white stripe down the back where two lengths of trade cloth are sewn together (�skunk� courting blanket, Cowdrey 1999: 75), red clout with undyed selvedge ends, and pencil-outlined leggings with a vertical stripe created by the undyed selvedge like the man in the previous plate before, with white stripe. Benson Lanford describes how these leggings are made (2003: 201). The blue-blanketed woman has a necklace of three strands, blue robe, ornamented leggings (a vertical row of perhaps �small silver German silver conchos used on women�s leggings alone� according to Peter Powell in personal correspondence to Ramon Powers, 2010. Media: Figures are outlined in pencil, with blue crayon and red water color fill.

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The cover inscription reads: "Pictures drawn by Wild Hog and other northern Cheyenne Indian Chiefs while in th...

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Plate No: 14
Page No: 24-25
Media: Pencil, crayon, water color
Dimensions: 3.25 x 5 in (8.5 x 12.75 cm)
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Wild Hog
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