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COURTING: Man in Red-and-Blue Blanket with Beaded Band and Three Women; Blank

Ethnographic Notes

Right (page 12): Blank Left (page 13): COURTING. A man wrapped in a red-and-blue courtship blanket with beaded strip stands with three women. The man wears a hair pipe breast plate. The man's face has red stripes on the lower half of his face. Cowdrey catalogues face painting styles (1999: 235-41), but none of these exact designs occurs. A man's design of lower jaw painted red with two stripes rising designates a social occasion (Cowdrey 1999: 241).Imre Nagy finds four straight lines on a shield in the Pamplin Ledger (page 292) that, he believes, probably represent "the cosmic power that permeates all aspects of earthly life" ("The Pamplin Ledger: The Shields" in The Cheyenne/Arapaho Ledger Book from the Pamplin Collection, edited by Kenneth E. Kahn II, published in Portland, 2003). The man's red leggings have fringes, and his red breech clout shows beneath his blanket. His feet below the blanket edge are red and shaped like hooves, with ankles marked by three bands (lead pencil). The women wear blankets of blue (far left), red/blue-white stripes, and red/black design. The women have the right halves of their faces painted red. Stripes are around their ankles. The woman in the solid blue blanket wears a five-strand necklace. Media: Lead pencil, crayon, water color, ink

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The cover inscription reads: "Pictures drawn by Wild Hog and other northern Cheyenne Indian Chiefs while in th...

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Plate No: 8
Page No: 12-13
Media: Colored pencil, lead pencil, pen and ink, watercolor
Dimensions: 3.25 x 5 in (8.5 x 12.75 cm)
Kansas Historical Society/kansasmemory.org
Wild Hog
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