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GROUPS, WOMEN: Four Women Wear Black-and-White Striped Blankets with Red and Blue Fringe; Blank

Ethnographic Notes

Right: Page 11 is blank. Left (page 10): WOMEN. Four women wear black-and-white striped blankets with the white areas decorated with small red and blue fringe (or designs). Right halves of their faces are painted red. Four lines are around all their ankles, and their feet are hoof-like with no representation of moccasins (see Greene quoted in Low and Powers, 2012: 14 fn 41) Blue trade cloth ends with white selvedges show below their blankets --similar to panels set into sides of skirts shown by Karen Petersen in Plains Indian Art from Fort Marion (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1983): 287-8. Media: Colored pencil, lead pencil, water color, pen and ink,

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The cover inscription reads: "Pictures drawn by Wild Hog and other northern Cheyenne Indian Chiefs while in th...

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Document Info
Plate No: 7
Page No: 10-11
Media: Colored pencil, lead pencil, watercolor, pen and ink
Dimensions: 3.25 x 5 in (8.5 x 12.75 cm)
Kansas Historical Society/kansasmemory.org
Wild Hog
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