Plains Indian Ledger Art: Fales-Freeman Brulé Ledger - He Dog Killing Pawnee Woman

Fales-Freeman Brulé Ledger

No. 22 of 25
He Dog Killing Pawnee Woman
Unknown Artist
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Document Info

Page No. 20
Media: pencil, colored pencil, pen, ink
Dimensions: 6.5 x 8.25 inches inches


Lakota (Sioux) - Brulé, Lakota (Sioux) - Sicangu


Plains Ledger Art Digital Publishing Project (PILA), Mandeville Special Collections, UCSD Libraries, UC San Diego, La Jolla, CA




Pawnee, Crow, biographic, brulé, horse, horse stealing, fighting scene, Lakota, war shield, war pony

Ethnographic Notes

No ethnographic notes for this plate.


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This word cannot be said, is is very disrespectful and American Indians never used it, and today it is a despised word. The writing in ink was not made by the artist and may have been added at a later time (?). Just sayin' .

I noticed your comment processing blocked the message from being posted when it contained the word, so you know. Good work.

Ojibwe Artist