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Running Buffalo on Rainy Mountain Creek

Ethnographic Notes

Pages 12-13: Running Buffalo on Rainy Mountain Creek. Many of Etahdleuh's drawings are remarkable for the inclusion of topographical details---streams, hills, mountains and buttes---which suggest that he was trying to indicate the exact place where the event occurred. His contemporaries would likely have been able to recognize these locales. Nearly 150 years later, the scenes on pages 18, 23, and 32-33 maybe too generic to be localized. Here, however, with large Kiowa camps represented near the intersections of three, important streams, we may recognize the artist's intention. In only one area do three streams converge in the pattern depicted by Etahdleuh. The large stream flowing across the top of Etahdleuh's pages 12-13, is the Washita River, called by the Kiowa "Tipi Pole River." The stream flowing diagonally across the center of page 13, and joining the Washita at top, center, of page 12, is Rainy Mountain Creek. The smaller stream at the bottom of page 12, joining Rainy Mountain Creek near its junction with the Washita, is Little Rainy Mountain Creek, known to the Kiowa as "Prairie Dog Creek". It now comprises Kiowa County, Oklahoma, the heart of the Kiowa Reservation.

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• Purchased from Etahdleuh Doanmoe by Sophia Negley of Pittsburgh, PA in August 1875 at Fort Marion, St. Au...

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