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Hunting Buffalo | Council Meeting or Feast of the Ka'itsenko Warrior Society

Ethnographic Notes

Page 23: Hunting Buffalo. Five young, Kiowa men are shown carefully creeping up on buffalo scattered among the hills along a stream.

Page 24: Council Meeting or Feast of the Ka'itsenko Warrior Society. The sash-wearing official at the right of the large, council tipi, tells us that this is another event of the Ka'itsenko Society. This man has just raised another society emblem on a high pole. This ensign is a carved, wooden quirt, or horse whip, its two lashes hanging from the serrate, yellow-painted wooden handle.

Another official on the left side of the tipi has raised another society emblem, a large otterskin war cape decorated with silver conchos, or perhaps circular trade mirrors, and red silk ribbons. Compare a similar cape being worn to war on page 26. Members file into a meeting or feast. This would have occurred during the week of the Medicine Lodge ceremony, in late-June or July. Young women standing around to watch the arrivals carry parasols against the hot sun.

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