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TEXT: Inscription - L. M Wyatt; ANIMALS: Two Elk

Ethnographic Notes

Vertical TEXT; ANIMALS: TWO ELK The brown ink inscription is written over the pencil drawings of two elk. The inscription reads: "Apr 4/79 Dodge City Prison This book purchased from Hagetta (Wild Hog) the Cheyenne chief who is now confined & is to be tried for the murder of whites in Kansas in 1878-- This chief with six warriors being the remnants of the party captured in Feb. These drawings are by him while in prison. L.M. Wyatt." The catalog number MS29561 is at the bottom of the page. For full discussion of this book and its provenance and historical context, see "Northern Cheyenne Warrior Ledger Art: Captivity Narratives of Northern Cheyenne Prisoners in 1879 Dodge City" by Denise Low and Ramon Powers in Kansas History 35.1 (Spring 2012): 2-25. This article is online at the Kansas History website and the PILA website. The two elk are a male (nine-point rack) and female. They are parallel to each other, the male in front and larger than the female. Both have pencil-shaded head and shoulders. Their midsections are marked with striations that suggest ribs. The female has prominent ears. Both extend their necks upward. "Hagetta" does not translate as "Wild Hog" in the Cheyenne language.

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Provenance: Drawn in 1879 by Northern Cheyenne leader Wild Hog (incorrectly denoted as "Hagetta" in the text) ...

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Plate No: 3
Page No: 1
Media: Ink; Lead pencil outlines, details, and fill
Dimensions: 13x9 cm, single column
The Sch�yen Collection. London and Oslo.
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