Plains Indian Ledger Art: Black Road - Wilkins Ledger - Inside Front Cover and Facing Page

Black Road - Wilkins Ledger

No. 2 of 91
Inside Front Cover and Facing Page
Black Road
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Page No. --
Media: pencil and colored pencil
Dimensions: 6.5 x 7.25 inches inches


Lakota (Sioux), Lakota (Sioux) - Oglala


Personal Collection


Provenance provided by 3rd generation descendants of Charles A. Wilkins on a typed note taped to the inside front cover:

"The attached book is a bo ...More


horse, tipi, tipi art, animals, antelope, dress, shield art, buffalo, hunting

Ethnographic Notes

The provenance, as understood by the 3rd-generation descendants of the collector, Charles A. Wilkins, who obtained the ledger in Dakota Territory during the 1880s.

Left Side Text: The attached book is a book given to George Wilkins father, Charles A. Wilkins by Chief Sitting Bull, while said Chief was a prisoner under C.A. Wilkins term as Sheriff, in one of the Dakotas.


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