Keeling Ledger Provenance


Keeling Ledger Book, Nebraska State Historical Society (11310-55), is from the collection of William Henry Keeling of Falls City, NE. Major Keeling served with the Army in Montana in the 1860s. It is likely that the ledger book was collected at Camp Cooke, Montana in 1866-67.

The William H. Keeling book of ledger drawings was received by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission staff at Arbor Lodge in 1925. The inventory entry appears as "Book of Indian Drawings, history of the Nez Perces Indians".

Document Info
Media: pencil and colored pencil
Dimensions: 7.5 * 12.5 inches
Total Plates: 124
Total Pages: 124
Nebraska State Historical Society, Lincoln, Nebraska
Image Source
Nebraska State Historical Society