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A Look Back: Plains Indian Ledger Art, Rice County

  LEDGER: Etadleuh Doanmoe Sketchbook - Rice County Historical Society

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  LEDGER: Arrow's Elk Society Ledger

Early Cheyenne History In the mid-17th century a core assemblage of blood-kin groups which would later coalesce into the Cheyenne tribe had been established for many years on the headwaters of the St. Peter's (now the Minnesota) River, between Lac Qui Parle and Lake Traverse, in present southwest Minnesota. Where they had been ... More

Black Road Ledger - Photographs and Fauna

  LEDGER: Black Road - Wilkins Ledger

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Drawing on Muslin by Jaw (his fight) Hunkpapa Lakota CA.1900 (Warnock Collection)

  LEDGER: Jaw-Macnider Ledger

Link to Jaw's drawing on muslin in the Warnock Collection on: Item Number: WC8708556... More

Elk Head's account of the Battle of the Rosebud as told to William J. Bordeaux

  LEDGER: Fales-Freeman Brulé Ledger

Elk Head's Story of the Battle: A Brule Sioux's account of the Battle of the Rosebud, as told to William J. Bordeaux, who also translated. Note: Elk Head's story of the battle as to the incidents that took place at the upper end of the village, the best account that I have, was given to me by Elk Head and others who have verified his version. ... More

Facsimile of Sitting Bull's Pictorial Autobiography in Smithsonian Museum, Washington

  LEDGER: Sitting Bull (Oglala) - Saville Ledger

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Koba-Russell Ledger - Movie

  LEDGER: Koba-Russell Sketchbook

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Leatherwood/Scares the Enemy - Movie

  LEDGER: Leatherwood/Scares the Enemy Ledger

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Mike Cowdrey's Analysis of a Southern Cheyenne Courting Ledger for the Brant Mackley Gallery, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania

  LEDGER: Coe-Cheyenne Ledger

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Northern Cheyenne Warrior Art

  LEDGER: Northern Cheyenne Ledger-Kansas State Historical Society

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