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Donation - $100 (Notecard)

Donation to PILA with Thank You Gifts


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Your donation will be used for PILA projects of providing digital access to more complete ledger books, and promoting the preservation, access, and research on Plains Indian ledger art.

PILA will send you a thank you gift for your generous donation:

Two Note Card Box Set(s)
Features 10 unique 5” x 7” note cards from a single Ledger Book.
Printed on 100 lb. gloss cover stock, and envelopes.

Available for: Ewers Ledger, Leatherwood/Scares the Enemy Ledger, Arrow's Elk Ledger, Koba-Russel Sketchbook, Walter Bone Shirt Ledger, Fales-Freeman Brulé Ledger, Rosebud Album, Black Horse Ledger