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"Alternative Accounts" Curated by UC San Diego students, Plains Indian ledger art exhibition at San Diego Museum of Art shares Native vision of American history


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Accounts of Indian Life


CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION NOTES FROM ACADEME From the issue dates January 26, 2007 Accounts of Indian Life Plains Indian men used to wear stories on their backs. Buffalo skins painted with the wearer's exploits in battle or the brave acts of his tribesmen were used to show status and displayed on ceremonial occasions. But beginning in...  More   Download PDF

American Indian Narratives in Picture Form


Please download pdf file. American Indian Narratives in Picture Form By EVE M. KAHN APRIL 21, 2016 Kiowa ledger art from the 19th century at the National Museum of the American Indian in Manhattan. Credit Zotom, Ernest Amoroso, via National Museum of the American Indian Tattered pages from 19th-century ledger books, which American Indians u...  More   Download PDF

An Artful Accounting of a Culture Under Duress


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Collecting Ledger Art

8-9, 2017

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Drawing on Tribal History

May 2006

@UCSD AN ALUMNI PUBLICATION May 2006 Volume 3, Number 2 Drawing on Tribal History 
by Inga Kiderra Ross Frank was a teenager when he first saw the 19th-century ledger drawings of Plains Indians. These were three scenes of derring-do acquired by his art-dealer father. Two were drawn by a Lakota Sioux man named Swift Dog, who had foug...  More   Download PDF

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Inside the Fales-Freeman Brulé Ledger


The Fales-Freeman Brulè Ledger During the 1860-1900 period, Plains Indians created drawings on paper, often in accountant's ledger books acquired by trade, purchase, or as spoils of combat, hence the name "ledger books". Professor Ross Frank of the Department of Ethnic Studies started the Plains Indian Ledger Art Digital Publishing Project (pl...  More   Download PDF

Landmark 'A Pictographic History of the Oglala Sioux' back in print for 50th anniversary


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Plains Indian Ledger Art Exhibit Has UCSD & Library Ties


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